Our goal at Online Notary is to reduce
paperclutter, expedite notarial process

US Notary PRO team

We firmly believe that it just makes too much sense that consumers would not want to be tethered to paper, fax machines, scanners, overnight carriers or snail mail and inconvenienced by all this associated paper-based friction around signing and notarizations. That drives our team every day!

Global e-Commerce continues to explode and secure electronic signatures became the glue to connect all parties, documents and vendors over the World. Notaries have been around for centuries, providing the professional witnessing and ID Verification of signers. In the US real estate /mortgage industry nearly 100 % of all transactions require the service of a licensed professional notary.

US Notary PRO provides a secure, verifiable and independent witnessing service for high-valued business transactions, offering irrefutable evidence to any oral or written contract or agreement or ceremony. If you need assistance to close your deals quicker and with more confidence please reach out to us.

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Perform notarizations where you and the other signatories are gathered

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We’re make your signature on legal documents official by witnessing and acknowledging your identity. Forms ending with copy certification or affirmation language definitely require notarization.

We will look for certain language in your document to determine if a notarization is needed. If you want to be safe, you can have any document notarized. The notarization just adds another level of security to the agreement by officially confirming the identity of the people who signed.